Chapter 20: SLUDGE MOTHER Pt. 1
The Town WhispersMay 19, 2022x
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Chapter 20: SLUDGE MOTHER Pt. 1

North of River Hollow, by the rocky cliffsides, there’s a blanket of dark trees. Thick trunks leading to twisting limbs that split into smaller branches. Probing roots curling into butter-black earth. Shrubs and matted grass carpet the forest floor, a silent battle for resources beneath the darkness of the canopy.

One plant thrives, here. The leaves of the red huckleberry are glossy and thin. Its red fruit is edible, skin meeting tender flesh with a pop and crunch of tiny seeds. The huckleberry is a plant that grows on top of decaying logs and stumps. But any gardener knows that it truly flourishes when feeding on rotting meat.

This is how it happened. 

Written and Narrated By: Méabh de Brún

Directed and Produced By: Cole Weavers

Sound Production and Editing By: Harlan Guthrie

Theme Song By: Charlie PS

Cover Art By: Vincent Wah


Méabh de Brún as Orla Blackwater, and Elizabeth Blackwater

Jon Ware as The Angler

Harlan Guthrie as Arthur Blackwater and Dr. Keenly

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