Chapter 22: SLUDGE MOTHER Pt. 3
The Town WhispersMay 26, 2022x
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Chapter 22: SLUDGE MOTHER Pt. 3

Orla? Are you listening?

This is how it happened. 

You hung in the trees out of time. They sky was orange. The sky was blue shot through with pink. The sky was lush violet. It was black and speckled with pinprick stars. All around you, seething masses of shadows and roots, a coiling endless writhing black. For a time, you forgot your name. You forgot your life. You forgot that you had ever been a thing named Orla, and as payment for this forgetting you saw everything. 

Written and Narrated By: Méabh de Brún

Directed and Produced By: Cole Weavers

Sound Production and Editing By: Harlan Guthrie

Theme Song By: Charlie PS

Cover Art By: Vincent Wah


Méabh de Brún as Orla Blackwater, and Elizabeth Blackwater

Jon Ware as The Angler

Harlan Guthrie as Arthur Blackwater and Dr. Keenly

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