Chapter 23: An Ear to the Wall of a Stone Worm
The Town WhispersMay 31, 2022x
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Chapter 23: An Ear to the Wall of a Stone Worm

Dr. Avery and Mother Cyprian prepare as Paul and Garrett wander about beneath the waking earth of The Fort hopelessly lost. Why has Mother Cyprian thrown them into those labyrinthian tunnels? Why must they scurry about? What do they hope to achieve? Meanwhile, Ruth continues to worry herself sick over Paul's disappearance, but a visitor might shortly shed light.

Written and Narrated By: Cole Weavers

Sound Production and Editing By: Harlan Guthrie

Theme Song By: Charlie PS

Cover Art By: Vincent Wah


Mike LeBeau as Paul Collins

Lydia Nicholas as Ruth MacMillan

Imogen Harris as Minnie

Harlan Guthrie as Garret Franklin

Cole Weavers as Dr. Avery and Mother Cyprian

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