Chapter 24: Her Gasping Red Grin
The Town WhispersJune 02, 2022x
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Chapter 24: Her Gasping Red Grin

Wood will rot or splinter, glass will shatter, metal will bend or break, and everything one day will return to the dust.

The world will one day return to dust, and the dead drying bones of a home, disconnected from the living dream of the world as they are, trimmed and snipped from the wilderness, sawed into lengths and shapes, hammered with iron fangs that bite until rust eventually comes to trim their length - WILL return much sooner.

The safety of a home is false comfort. 

Written and Narrated By: Cole Weavers

Sound Production and Editing By: Harlan Guthrie

Theme Song By: Charlie PS

Cover Art By: Vincent Wah


Lydia Nicholas as Ruth MacMillan

Imogen Harris as Minnie

Cole Weavers as Adam

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